A new breed of

Welcome to Untaylored.

We're a digital business and innovation studio, with  headquarters located in Leuven, Belgium. We solve business problems, through a combination of design and innovation. As a result companies connect better with customer and grow faster.

We help companies create big, bold visions for the future, help you think of fresh ideas, turn them into reality and make them stick.

For the last 15 years, we’ve built new innovative products, platforms & ventures, solved corporate innovation challenges and guided entrepreneurs through innovation projects that have transformed their industries.

Along the road, we’ve gained a deep knowledge of how to create digital platforms and experiences that resonate with customers.

Leveraging our expertise, we’ve developed a model to kickstart innovation that truly deliver. We help you innovate with impact—minus the roadblocks.

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A new breed of innovation.

Ever imagined the combination of a business strategy consultancy firm and a digital agency? Untaylored is exactly that, a team of experts that shape, build and grow businesses at the speed of a start-up.
Through a seamless fusion of strategy, design and technology, we transform business, brands, products and services and equip them for the future. Acting as an extension to your team, we are ready to be plugged in and get results in weeks, not months..


Growth Mindset

We believe in an entrepreneurial growth mindset.  Build, measure, learn. Repeat


Makes the dream work. We put people first and combining different superpowers is

No busywork

The time for 500- page consulting reports are over. Think + act

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