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Build Viable Business Models - From Concept to Market

The premier intensive program for emerging business strategists and designers looking to create innovative, customer-centered business models.

Dive deep into market analysis, design thinking, and business model prototyping, all while working on real-world projects that challenge you to think creatively and strategically.

If you don't feel equipped to lead as a business designer by the end of our program, get a full refund.
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Textbooks, Endless Lectures, and Purely Academic Courses Won't Cut It.

To excel in Business Design, you need tangible experience.

That might develop over years in the field, or through the trials of launching your own venture.
But to accelerate your learning curve?

We've demonstrated with over 600+ professionals that immersive, practical mentorship through self-paced training and focused groups —crafting and refining business models —is thé definitive method to propel your business design capabilities forward.

We believe so strongly in our experiential learning model, that we guarantee a full refund if it doesn't meet your expectations for becoming a skilled business designer.
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Unleash Your inner Business Designer

New growth opportunities are emerging all around. Modern companies and entrepreneurs understand this and are generating new business opportunities. That's why we created a framework that teaches you how to fast-track new growth engines and re-connect with sustainable future growth.

Opportunity Discovery

Uncover insights, leverage relevant trends faster than before.


Turn concepts into products and services that meet the needs of customers.


Design strategies that capture the value and turn it into a profitable model.


Create happy customers by installing the required support systems.


Find out how you'll create customer demand and manage business growth.

So who is this for exactly?

Anybody that falls into one of these categories:


Do you find most innovation efforts leads to a waste of time and no real business results?

Product Manager

Are you charged with the innovation function and find it hard to prioritise what to execute next?


Do you struggle to align with your team on prioritise the business impact of innovation?

Here's a sneak peek

Get immediate access to the classes, video lessons, worksheets and exercises to run New Business Design sprints with confidence.

Module 1 - The Fundamentals

Craft sound strategic growth plans that solve your company's biggest challenges.
Business Design Framework
Crafting a Winning Strategy
Visual Thinking
Responding to Big Bang Disruptions

Module 2 - New Opportunity

How to use insights to uncover new opportunities and leverage relevant trends faster than before.
Understanding Your Business Formula
Navigating shifts and finding new value
Generating Opportunities
Designing a growth portfolio

Module 3 - Value Creation

Turn concepts into products and services that actually meet the needs of customers.
Understanding Changing behaviour
Crafting new value propositions
Crafting an MVP
Designing experiments

Module 4 - Value Capture

Design and validate strategies that capture new value and turn it into a profitable model.
Designing a value Ladder
Business model innovations
Revenue Model Design
Ball-park estimations

Module 5 - Value Delivery

Create happy customers by delivering on your promise and install the support systems to do so.
Systems, processes and tools
Shaping the business roadmap

Module 6 - Growth Engine

Find out how you'll create customer demand and manage business growth.
Designing growth strategy
The plan to acquire first customers
Go to marketing plan
The first 90 days

Business Design Workshop Kit

Run and lead strategy and business design workshops with your team. From strategy to MVP, growth design and product validation workshops. It's the perfect companion to the business design online course. You'll receive it for free when you enrol!

Business Design Certificate

You'll receive the Business Designer Masterclass certification after completion of the course. Get ready to impress your colleagues, co-workers and clients with this much sought-after business skill.


Hi I'm Roald 👋, I am a strategy and business advisor. I help teams move away from innovation theatre and accelerate business results.

Ecommerce startups, Social Media networks, Online platforms, Crowdfunding, Mobile apps, Venture builders, Accelerators, Incubators... I have had a chance to work with brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators that have built amazing businesses. I feel very lucky for getting a front-row seat and working with rebels, change-makers and innovators on their  growth journey.

I love what I teach and I tested everything in real-life myself. Crafting strategies, spotting opportunities, prototyping new business ideas feels like a game to me.

But I also felt something was missing...

For years I have worked alongside well-known global consulting brands & agencies on strategy and innovation. ...Nobody was giving out a true solution to help you grow and innovate...

That's what launched me into building this. A hands-on, practical business design framework to find, grow and validate new products, services and ventures that have a chance to succeed in the real world.

My aim is to teach how you can become the best at finding new opportunities, crafting strategies and prototyping new business models so you can do it yourself without having to rely on outside help.
Roald Larsen Instructor Business Design Untaylored
Hi I'm Roald👋 I am an entrepreneur turned advisor and coach. I mentor students, startups and executives.

Our Plans.


Learn the principles of business design during the 2-day in-person event.
(max capacity of 25 people/event)


Business Design Principles
Hands-on and practical
Work with like-minded Professionals
Templates & worksheets included
Community access
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6-week online modules. Cohort-based including weekly group calls.
One time payment


Business Design Advanced
Hands-on and practical
Work with like-minded Professionals
Templates & worksheets included
Run your own workshops
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Masterclass  Premium

12-week online modules. Cohort-based including individual coaching.
One time payment


Everything from Masterclass Online
Strategy design coaching
Concept design support
Experiment design support
Individual mentoring sessions
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Tailor made coaching and workshops, available on request. Contact us.
Price available upon request.
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Tailor-made programme
Industry specific material on request
Optional: Company Branded
Optional: Business Design Playbook
Optional: Individual Mentoring
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Common questions

How does the course work? How much time does it take me?

After completing the purchase you'll receive access to the online platform where you'll find the videos, assignments and materials.
The course takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete but can be done at your own pace.
In total the course takes up to around 20 - 30 hours of your time. This includes watching videos, completing assignments and participating to coaching calls.

Can I participate without a business idea?

The course teaches business design methods, principles and strategies to turn concepts and ideas into profitable new business ventures. If you don't have a concept right now, that's perfectly ok.

I know design thinking, is this course for me?

Business design is a design-driven process where you use business tools to validate new business models. Prior knowledge of design thinking is a plus when following this course. If you're looking to work on more business strategy related challenges, business design is a perfect addition to the skill you already have.

How about refunds?

We have a very simple policy: if for some reason you did not get anything of value or did not learn something new you could use to improve your skills, you get your money back. All you have to do is send an email within 14 days after purchase. 100% risk-free.

Is there a waiting list?

We are a cohort based program which means there are fixed start dates. People who apply  and are admitted to the programme will start at the same time and go through the course together.

Can I have a discount?

We offer a premium product and experience for professionals willing to invest in their future. The list price reflects this vision. We believe it's a great value for people who are looking to advance their career.
Still have questions? Get in touch