Build +$100k Venture Businesses.

The AI-powered Venture Sprint is a 12-module program that teaches you the exact blueprint how to find 6-7 figure new business ideas, rapidly create low-code prototypes and get your first customers in days.  Say bye-bye to post-it note theater and hello to real-world 6-7 figure business.

Trusted by Builders & Founders
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Everything to find a profitable idea and turn it into a real-world business.

We’ve boiled down what actually works and turned that knowledge into a no-nonsense AI-powered business building playbook, designed to take your big ideas from 'what if' to 'what's next'—turning them into something tangible & concrete.

The Venture Building Playbook

No more staring at blank pages. You'll have guidance at every step of the process. From venture strategy to offer definition and market launch.

Find Profitable Niches, Fast.

Spot golden opportunities others can't even see. You'll learn how to go from ideator to serial launcher. Test and validate concepts 10x faster at breakneck speed.

Detect Hidden Market Gaps

Adapt to market shifts in real-time, ensuring your venture stays ahead of the curve and crushes the competition.

Create 'Irresistible Offers'

Design value propositions so compelling, saying 'no' becomes physically impossible for your prospects."

Build No-Code Business Prototypes

You'll build MVPs that get investors drooling and customers reaching for their wallets.

Drive Client Acquisition

Master customer acquisition strategies that grow your user base exponentially, not linearly with proven templates.

Become The Revenue Rainmaker

If the market zigs, you'll have a portfolio that can zag. Develop true business agility and confidently play the odds. Always have a slice of the next big thing.


...and there is more

The Venture Building OS offer more than theory. Everyone who purchases the course will
get access to the materials that help you apply and implement what you learn.

Venture Workspace

Map out your venture concepts with crystal clarity, turning vague notions into concrete, actionable plans

A.I.-Copilot Tools

Blend human creativity with AI-powered analysis. It's like having a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran whispering in your ear 24/7.

Visual Templates

Access a treasure trove of proven sleek, intuitive layouts visual templates to capture complex business ideas and insights.

Bonus: Build Sessions

Follow along with crystal-clear instructions during our step-by-step build sessions


Who this course is for?

How do I know if this course is for me?

Creators and Founders

You want innovative monetization techniques that align with your values and audience expectations

You are looking for innovative product development strategies that enable you to create unique value propositions.

You want strategies for crafting compelling narratives and leveraging AI technology.

Product Leads & Managers

You want frameworks for deeply understanding customer needs and developing products that perfectly fit the market.

You are looking for methodologies to anticipate and lead market trends.

You want to learn how to fine-tune the product to meet and exceed user expectations, building a strong, user-centric brand.

Strategic UX Designers

You want business strategies to enhance the product's market performance and contribute to business growth

You want to accelerate the design process while ensuring designs are both innovative and user-centric

You want to use design as strategic problem-solving asset for business problems.


What others have to say

Don't just take our word for it, see what others say

Geert Sermon
Managing Director, Doctor Vinyl Records
"The best guys to have on your side when starting up a business from scratch !"
Sam Schellekens
Telenet, Marketing Manager
“The perfect approach to go from brand new idea and  develop it into a new business!”
Paul Verwilt
C.O.O., Mediahuis
“Fresh and smart approach to strategic challenges. Structured and organized!”
Jeroen Van Raemdonck
Roularta, Marketing Manager
“In just 2 weeks we went from vision to fully designed concept including product roadmap. Not to forget, the  product mockup look great!”
Jef Noelmans
Founder, Bolgr
“Very professional in every aspect and fun to work with!”
Andres D.
Tribe Lead, In the Pocket
“Great coaching skills, I've learned a lot! Thinking ahead, finding creative solutions for problems. "

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Hi, my name is Roald.

After 20 years of venture building and working with some of the fastest-growing billion dollar companies around...

I’ve boiled down the best and latest knowledge into a no-nonsense playbook, designed to take your big ideas from 'what if' to 'what's next'—turning them into something tangible & concrete

My aim is to teach how you can become the best at finding new opportunities, crafting strategies and prototyping new business model

In the business designer bootcamp I'll show you how to:

Spot Opportunities & Dodge Bullets

Nail Your Business Niche

Craft Offers People Can't Ignore

Build a Band of Believers

Launch and Deliver A Unique Offer

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