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Prototype Workshop

⏱ 1 - 2 Days

✏️ Workshop

Prototyping ideas is a way to fast-track and accelerate the innovation process.

By testing ideas early-on you improve quality, reduce costs and risk considerably.

Learn to explore and realise your ideas more quickly and gather more accurate requirements.

Google Design Sprint

⏱2 - 4 Weeks

👨Business, UX & Design

Design sprints are a great way to get direction and align your team on a critical business challenge.

This structured problem solving process focuses on ideation, prototyping, testing and improving new ideas.

You'll get actual data from the market to steer your decision-making and investment process.

Business Design Consulting

⏱2 - 4 Weeks

👨Business, UX & Design

As business designers we solve strategic challenges by applying design techniques.

By mixing business strategy with design-driven thinking you'll get more value, better solutions, that have a higher chance of success.

We start with business needs and create solutions, prototype, test and iterate based on results.

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