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Ideation Workshop

⏱ 1 - 2 Days

✏️ Workshop

Identify new business opportunities and create action plans together with your team.

An in-company innovation workshop to fuel creativity and spark inspiration.

Designed and facilitated by a team of experts, customised to a theme or topic of choice.

Innovation Strategy Sprint

⏱ 2 - 4 Weeks

👨Strategy, Innovation & Design

During a strategy sprint we work with a company's leadership team and get alignment on the future vision.

We map out the business challenges, decide where to play and how to win. Thereafter we explore initiatives and shape a roadmap how to get there.

Strategic Consulting

⏱3 - 6 Months

👨‍🔧Innovation Consultant

We have been involved in corporate strategy programs, executed transformation projects and advised executives on how to build and run agile ventures.

We learned a couple of things along the road and can help you shape, build and grow your programs.

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