design tool

Under the radar

Many times disruptive ideas remain undetected because they emerge out of unforeseen combinations of factors. Uncover new possibilities by combining present signals of change.


Time Needed

30 Minutes




Pencils, Paper


Individual or Group

The time of individual innovators/creators such as Thomas Edison is long gone. Today innovation requires teamwork and interdisciplinarity. This tool is ideal to help creative teams expand their horizon of possibilities before delving deeper into product development.

Step 1

Gather a few signals (specific examples of changes happening in the present that can impact the future). Choose three signals out of the list, preferably unrelated, and write them down on the canvas.

Step 2

Start by combining signal 1 and 2 (e.g. How does the development of Virtual Reality combines with the growing homeschooling trend? What is the consequence of urban farms for the growing online food delivery market?). Repeat the same exercise for the other pairs of signals.

Step 3

Now add a third signal to the mix and write down in detail the possible outcomes of those combinations.

Step 4

Repeat the exercise with a few more sets of signals and share the new possibilities your radar detected with the group.

Under the radar

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