Business Strategy Sprint

Prepare your business to the ever-changing world. During a highly interactive process you and your team will identify and overcome your most critical business challenges. Together we'll create a future-proof strategy and a solid action plan to accelerate growth.
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What you'll get out of the strategy sprint.

The strategy sprint is a high-intensity program. The goal is to get your leadership team and executives aligned on your most critical business challenge(s) and define actionable ways to overcome them.  

Clarity About Vision

Shape a vision for the future that everybody understands and agrees with. Have your key stakeholders on board from the start.

Move Beyond the Idea Stage

Map out a set of coherent actions and business initiatives that have clearly defined parameters for success. Design a phased roadmap that can guide during execution.

Lightning-Fast Decisions

Achieve things in weeks instead of months. Use decision-making techniques from the google-styled design sprint and mix them with traditional strategy.

New Business Opportunities

Identify new business opportunities and generate ways to test them. Unlock new value, explore new markets, shape new offerings.

Creative Confidence

Create and test new business ideas without hesitation. Get into a creative and innovative mindset that will keep pushing you forward.

Clearly Defined Actions

Clarity on the actions you need to structurally deal with your business challenges. What needs to happen, how you will do it and who is involved.

What it looks like

Essentially the strategy sprint is a 5-day process. It mixes business strategy with design-driven problem solving.

Day 1


Defining the challenge
Setting the Ambition

Day 2


Markets and Segments
Positioning and Value

Day 3


Customers Value Proposition
Products and Innovation

Day 4


New Skills &
Capabilities & Systems

Day 5


Deciding what must be true
Strategic Testing Plan
Free 3-day course

How to run your own strategy sprint and kickstart growth

  • How to frame your business challenge
  • Decide

Who should participate?

Anyone in your organisation who is involved with shaping a long-term strategic plan & growth.

  • Founders, Owners, C-level Management
  • Corporate Strategy & Innovation Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing & Sales Directors
  • Entrepreneurs, Innovation teams

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What it looks like.

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