Designing a new digital platform in 2 weeks

Untaylored worked with the Roularta Media team to shape and design the Libelle Vriendinnen platform. A new digital platform where women connect in innovative ways.

A digital experience that connects

Connecting the brand and the community in new and transformative ways.


Business Strategy
Design Sprint
Product Roadmap




August, 2020

01. Business Strategy

Strategy is about understanding the market, the audience needs and creating value.

Evolving in the digital market.

In a world that is fast-changing and increasingly becoming digital companies need to evolve and adapt. This is even more so for media companies.

Roularta Media, a leading player in the Belgian Media industry has chosen to tap into the digital business potential. They asked Untaylored to think about new and innovative concepts that could strengthen their Libelle brand.

During a 2-week concept sprint Untaylored worked with the Roularta brand and marketing team to explore new opportunities and define a new digital platform. Libelle vriendinnen was born.

During this 2-week business design process we combine the best elements of the lean start-up, design thinking and business strategy to come up with ideas that create business impact.

02. Design Sprint

Align stakeholders on a shared vision for innovation. Move beyond the idea stage and focus on solutions.

A spurt that turns ideas into a real-life solutions.

You're thinking about shaping new product or customer experience , but don't know where to start? Choosing what to do and what not to can be a daunting task.

Enter the Design Sprint, a powerful framework to solve the challenges that matter. Tried and tested, this actionable process helps you kickstart new initiatives, expand to new markets and explore radical new ideas.

In just 2 weeks we helped Roularta create a new concept from scratch. We started by exploring new product ideas, selected the best ones and turned it into a brand new product vision. During the concept phase we shaped the end to end customer experience and produced tangible outcomes ready to be validated in the market.

03. The Process

A 2-week process to rapidly move from high-level idea to  tested and validated solution.

04. Outcome and Results

An effective and efficiënt process delivering tangible business results. Delivered in weeks instead of months.


days to complete the project


team members involved in the process


Design mockups created


active engaged users on the platform

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