Design sprint Bootcamp Training

How we trained the Solvay Business & Marketing Students on using the Design sprint to solve their biggest marketing challenges without wasting time and effort.

Design Sprint Training

Training a marketing audience in a methodology to respond to today's ever-changing business environment.

5 Big problems to solve

If you have ever worked on a project with a group of people that have different background you most probable experienced some - if not all - issues below:

... it's hard to align on common business objectives.

... your team lacks real data on which to base your decisions.

... endless discussions and meetings.

... Coming up with ‘innovative’ solutions but don’t know where to start.

... it takes a lot of time,

.... lose enthusiasm and focus.

How does a design sprint help?

The Design Sprint is a structured process to go from business idea to tested solution in weeks, not months.

This methodology developed at Google is ideal for solving problems that demand cross functional teamwork, which are complex in nature, messy, and potentially dangerous for the company. 

During the masterclass, Solvay students were able to learn some of the core principles and tools of this typical 4 day process; and apply them in a real case scenario.

1. It provides a structured process for solving complex business problems with your team.

2. It forces you to search beyond the obvious answer and generate diverse ideas and concrete solutions, fast.

3. It accelerates the time needed to go from idea to solutions: from months to weeks.

4. It’s supercharges your strategy, product and innovation skills.

Full day of Training

We provide bespoke worksheets, templates, exercises and other training materials to follow this process with your team during the workshop, and afterwards, to bring it home or to the office. 

You can have a look at the “Intro to design sprint pocket guide” used in this masterclass
1. How to do Expert Interviews

2. How to set a goal & sprint questions

3. How to Map & Target

4. How to create Lightning demo’s

5. Note taking + Ideas

6. How to Design a 3 Step Concept

7. How to vote as a group



Students Trained


Challenges Solved


Exercises & Techniques Learned


Winning concepts pitched

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