UX Design for Smart Devices

Untaylored worked with the founders of Bolgr - a startup disrupting the outdoor heating device market- to design the connected smart device controller.

Designing a premium mobile experience.

Bolgr - a startup active in the outdoor market- launched an innovative smart home device and was looking for support on shaping a premium product experience.


UX Strategy
Connected Products
Mobile Design




User Validation
Problem - Solution Fit
End-to-end Mobile Experience

Smart Home Experience

Smart home devices are increasingly controlled through mobile devices. Natural and intuitive design are essential when creating a smart home experience.

UX Strategy

UX strategy helps companies align business value with product vision and customer needs.

To ensure your audience really wants your product, always start by understanding the needs and from there shape the experience.

So we started by taking a step back, and focus on the problems of the Bolgr customer. Who are they, what problems are they facing and what's the job they are trying to solve. Only thereafter we started thinking of how the Bolgr product creates value and how it solves the customer's problem.

We always take customer needs as the Northstar benchmark in the development of any design process.

Early User Validation

When working on new design concepts for innovative ideas early validation is crucial for designing a successful experience. It saves you time and prevents you from wasting valuable resources. 

Our design teams got actual user feedback that acted as support  whether or not the concept was worth pursuing. It takes place before any significant investment has been made in developing the product, avoiding waste of time, money and effort.

These customer insights are the landmark in the further development of the product, so you don’t get lost in the technical features and functionalities of a complex product. 

Experience Prototyping

Based on the research and insights from the previous mentioned activities, we start by creating the digital experience for Bolgr from the journey, onboarding and usage of the product.

The challenge was to create a concept that needs to be easily usable, scalable and tailored to the needs of all segments.

With a structured process we went from the customer journey, to a features list, to the experience design to a final concept. Adapted to the needs of the potential users.

Outcome and Results

An effective and efficiënt process delivering tangible business results. A smart home experience delivered in weeks instead of months.


Design Iterations


Usability tests


Mobile Screen Designs

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