Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps are visual storyboards about how people interact with your brand.

How to use it

Time Needed

45 minutes




Post-its, sharpies,
pencils, paper


Individual or Group

How to use

Step 1

Start by defining the main phases your customers go through, from awareness to purchase. 

Step 2

Next, for each of those stages, specify the goal(s) customers have. Examples include budget or fast purchase, having fun, etc.

Step 3

Now move to the action lane. Define what actions customers take at each stage.

Step 4

Customer touchpoints refer to all points of contact between your customer and your brand. It can be a social media ad, visit to the website or in-store interaction with an employee, etc.

Step 5

During their experience, customers also face some challenging moments. Those belong to the Pain points lane.

Step 6

Finally, it’s time to map out the emotional journey customers go through. You can draw a line that goes up and down according to the positive or negative feelings.

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