Service Blueprint

The Service Blueprint diagram visually maps out the steps in a service process, making it easier to design a new process or to document and improve an existing one.

How to use it

Time Needed

45 minutes




Post-its, sharpies,
pencils, paper


Individual or Group

How to use

Step 1

Start by defining the customer journey, i.e. an high level view over the main steps through which the customer goes through to consume your product/service. One post-it per step. Stick them to the canvas.

Examples include visiting a website/store, talking to an employee, making a purchase, ect.

Step 2

Define the visible interactions happening between your product/service and the customer. One interaction per post-it. Stick them to the canvas.

Examples include talking to an employee, clicking somewhere, filling a survey, etc.

Step 3

In the next lane, specify all other employee actions, preparations, or responsibilities customers don’t see but that make the service possible. One action per post-it. Stick them to the canvas.

Examples include employees sharing information with each other, approval requests and other internal procedures.

Step 4

This lane refers to other internal activities/infrastructure supporting the employees providing the service. One action per post-it. Stick them to the canvas.

Examples include a CRM system, third party suppliers, delivery systems, etc.

Step 5

For each step in the customer journey, think about what are the physical evidences (objects/ spaces) that the customer interacts with. One evidence per post-it. Stick them to the canvas in the first lane.

Examples include location, signage, emails, etc...

Step 6

Finally, draw flow lines to connect the post-its. They are useful to clarify how components in a service process interact with each other.

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