Customer Persona

The Customer Persona canvas enables you to create a fictional person that represents one of your target audiences, based on data and user research.

How to use it

Time Needed

45 minutes




Post-its, sharpies,
pencils, paper


Individual or Group

How to use

Step 1

Draw a sketch of your persona in a post-it and stick it into the canvas or draw it directly in the canvas. Give it him or her a name.

Step 2

Complete the profile box with information about his or her profile.

Step 3

Use the central boxes to define the pains, gains, jobs to be done and the way he/she currently solves them today. 

Step 4

Draw or write some of the key brands this persona likes/buys. Put an X on the scale of technology savviness and use the observation box for any extra comments.

Step 5

Repeat the process for each new persona. Stick all the personas in the wall and discuss with your team. 

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