Persona Builder

This will help you get a deep understanding of your target audience. Collect, share and analyse data about their customer experience. Identify patterns and generate ideas to improve.

How to use it

Time Needed

45 minutes




Post-its, sharpies,
pencils, paper


Individual or Group

How to use

Build your persona's in 4 simple steps. Start with collecting data. Next, take a look at the goals they want to achieve. Spot patterns across the journey. Finally, get the creative juices flowing!


Step 1: Persona description

Let's collect all data we have and put a name to the face. Let's call him “John". What does John need, John already has and John so relentlessly wants? What does John do during a typical day in his life? 🕵️ Let's do some digging and empathise with John.


Step 2: Problem Listing

Identify the common difficulties and frustrations. What are John's pain points? What annoys him, makes him mad, freak him out and completely go bananas? These problems are your starting point for creating meaningful solutions.


Step 3: Journey Mapping

The customer journey map, an essential tool in the designer's toolkit. It describes all the actions and pain points. Let's sketch out the journey step-by-step. For now we'll zoom in on the key matters, We don't need to map his whole life, right? Or do we...? 🧐


Step 4: Idea Generation

The idea generation part. This is where the magic happens. Look at the pain points and turn them into a question that starts with "How Might we...". Don't hold back. This is the gold mine full of opportunities!


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